Mustafa Denizli: Persepolis FC is my Home

Mustafa Denizli Persepolis FC is my House

Mohammad Ruyanian, the president of Persepolis FC, has recently appointed Yahya Golmohammadi as the interim head coach of the Tehran based club. The club’s officials will decide about the future of Manuel José in team next week.

Although Mohammad Ruyanian declined the return of Denizli to Tehran but the Turkish football manager says Persepolis FC is like his ‘house’. “I have not yet received any offer from Persepolis as of now but Persepolis is like my house and I love this club.” said Mustafa Denizli, former head coach of Persepolis and Pas.

“Persepolis is a great club and if the current conditions change then I will review any probable offer.” Denizli added about his status toward Iranian club. “I follow Persepolis’s results in league and I urge all the players to do their best in upcoming matches.”

It is less likely to see Denizli in Persepolis FC again. On 23 December 2011 Denizli signed a one and a half year contract with Iran Pro League side Persepolis, return to his former club after four years but he parted company with Persepolis at the end of the last season citing some personal problems.

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