Mustafa Denizli Won’t Leave Persepolis

Mustafa Denizli Won't Leave Persepolis

Shahrad Nazemi, the agent of Turkish football manager, announced this coach won’t leave Persepolis for Beşiktaş.

According to reports, Mustafa Denizli had negotiated with Beşiktaş officials in Istanbul and thats why he had not yet returned to Iran. But Shahrad Nazemi denies these reports by saying: “Im sure Denizli will come back to Iran. He only told Beşiktaş officials that he has contract with Persepolis and cannot leave this club until the end of his deal. Because of some personal problems he decided to stay in Turkey for a week more. Denizli will continue his cooperation with Persepolis.”

However Mohammad Royanian, the president of Persepolis, is not worry for Denizli that much. Denizli couldn’t lead Persepolis to any achievements in the previous season. Royanian had already negotiated with Ali Daei for Persepolis’s post.

Ali Daei was the manager of Persepolis from 2009 to 2011 and he won Iran’s Hazfi Cup with this club twice. On 23 December 2011 Denizli signed a one and a half year contract with Iran Pro League side Persepolis, Return to his former club after four years.

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