NBC Offering 85 Hours of The 2016 Olympic Games For VR Viewing

 NBC Offering 85 Hours of The 2016 Olympic Games For VR Viewing

NBC will air 85 hours of the 2016 Summer Olympics from Rio de Janerio in VR. If you plan on watching the virtual reality events, you should know that they’ll be showed on a delay starting after the opening events and after the closing.

So how do you get to enjoy the Games in VR? Well if you a TV subscription that’s a great first step. The other step is definitely pricier as you’ll need a Samsung Gear VR to view the specific events available. Definitely not the most readily affordable part, but users would’ve needed a headset anyway.

The events that will be in that 85 hours of VR content include all the big viewer-number events: gymnastics, beach volleyball, diving, fencing, men’s basketball, track and field, and boxing. The Games kick off August 5th and run until the 21st. If you’re following these events in VR, you’ll be able to check them out the day afterwards.

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