Netflix Hits 60 Million Subscribers, Faces Threat From HBO

Netflix Hits 60 Million Subscribers, Faces Threat From HBO

Netflix has managed to hit 60 million in subscribers. The push in numbers come from viewers outside of the U.S and has been the primary cause for the increase in subscribers consistently. While the base is 40 million at home, a strong 20 million counts for overseas numbers.

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Stateside growth had been long predicted to have reached its peak given a lot of competition at home. Netflix has been staring down competition from services such as Amazon Prime Instant Video, Hulu, and now HBO Now. Recently Amazon has gotten deeper into competition range with Netflix by delving into producing its own films.

The newest and primary threat comes from HBO Now. While the HBO Go service did well for those customers who were already subscribed to HBO. HBO Now opens the doors for everyone to enjoy the network’s programming—albeit for a price that significantly more than Netflix’s.

That isn’t stopping HBO from rolling over Netflix in the areas of annual profit and subscribers. Last year saw HBO raking in almost $2 billion and sit with almost 140 million subscribers while Netflix raked in $266 million and were a little under 3 million shy of the 60 million mark.

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