Netflix Viewers Can Now Share Recommendations Privately On Facebook

Netflix Viewers Can Now Share Recommendations Privately On Facebook

For Netflix viewers who enjoy sharing their viewing habits with others, the new social integration between the popular streaming service and the most popular social network could prove to be a perfect fit. Netflix has recently announced a somewhat slight addition to their Social Settings and now allows for private recommendation sharing through Facebook.

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While there are a number of users who have left Facebook for other platforms such as Tumblr and Twitter, there are still hundreds of millions still using it. Netflix hasn’t had much reason to actively pursue anything with Facebook given users will share whatever they view in a wall post. The main reason this is a big deal for Netflix is that recommendations can be made privately.

This new recommendation feature occurs after a movie or show has been watched. Upon deciding to share what you just watched, you’ll get to pick which friends to share the movie or show with and issue a message about it. Given that your friend or family member has already linked their Netflix and Facebook accounts, they will get the message. If they haven’t, they will get a private message on Facebook Mesenger.

More about Netflix/Facebook integration can be found on Netflix’s support page for Social Settings. 

SOURCE: VentureBeat

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