New Facebook Feature Allows Users To See What Version Of Messenger Contacts Are Using

Facebook Delivers New Features For Its Messenger

Facebook has started rolling out new features for the mobile version of their social networking service. The main focus of these features is on the messaging aspect of Facebook which has worked well enough, but could’ve always used improvement like most services.

The main feature seems to be notifying users of whether or not friends and others they’re sending a message to are using the desktop or mobile version of Facebook Messenger.

The feature itself isn’t exactly new as in the days just prior to smartphones exploding in popularity you would see a note next to users in your friends list to let you know if they were using the mobile messenger for a service.

Of course, it wasn’t a graphical indication like Facebook is using now, but the approach has always existed. Even for some all-in-one messengers, you get a notification of if the “lite version” or mobile version is being used.

Facebook's new feature lets users know if contacts are on mobile or desktop versions

This does have a good use in help you dictate what message to send and what length of message you could expect to receive if any.

For instance, you can deliver a message in full as you would for the desktop/web version or you might need to condense it for a contact on the mobile version since not everyone wants the wall of text a message become on a smartphone screen.

While it doesn’t seem like a significant feature, it is one that brings Facebook Messenger out of the Yahoo Instant Messager and mobile messenger era and adds a little more usefulness to it. Anything that makes a service more functional without being particularly intrusive or making it worse in some way is always a good thing.

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