New Ouya With 16GB of Storage, Improved Controller Launches

New Ouya With 16GB of Storage, Improved Controller Launches

When the Ouya hit and then exceeded its Kickstarter goal it opened the doors for micro-consoles running on Android. With that, 2013 marked a number of Android consoles being announced and entering the gaming market. Unfortunately, it hasn’t done that well even with the best price of the Android consoles.

Despite this, Ouya is hanging in there with news of a new console coming later this year. For now though, Ouya fans will have to do with an improved 16GB edition of the console. As you may remember, the 16GB Ouya popped up during the holiday season as a Limited Edition white console. Originally the Ouya released with only 8GB, but allowed for gamers to add more space with an external HDD

You might wonder what else warrants getting the 16GB Ouya if you already have the 8GB version with a HDD. Aside from a new controller design, better Wi-Fi and a different color for the console—not much. Then again, people have bought a new console on it having a new color alone.

The main thing with these improvements have to be the controller which had problems even after Ouya delayed the release to late June to take care of some odds and ends—the controller being one of them. The primary improve is less lag and more responsive buttons and analog sticks.

The original 8GB Ouya is still on Amazon and the official site for $99, no price drop there. The 16GB Ouya is available at $129.00. The price still gives it a leg up on Mad Catz’ MOJO which will release at $250, the Gamestick at $150, and NVIDIA’s SHIELD at $250.

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