NFL and Twitter Team Up To Bring Highlights To Feeds

NFL and Twitter Team Up To Bring Highlights To Feeds

Recently, the NFL has really embraced using the internet to get the brand out there. Of course it’s one of the oldest athletic brands and organizations so the name is out there, but the league’s embracing of different platforms is more about modernizing. This goes beyond allowing fans to merely view games online and more towards allowing fans to constantly get content as they go about their day.

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Case in point is the NFL improving its existing agreement with Twitter from 2013. This new deal is inked for two years and looks to showcase game highlights and promote big games that are sure to reel in huge viewership ratings. The deal isn’t the league’s only deal with a large platform. Along with Twitter, NFL also deals with rival social network Facebook for similar purposes. There’s also YouTube which the NFL will use to air its international games in the future. That deal kicks off with the International Series in London this fall.

While Twitter hasn’t specified how it will go about their plans with the NFL, what Twitter users can expect in their timelines includes text tweets, clips, screenshots, and maybe even gifs similar to what are used by other sports events, TV shows, and TV events. The best examples of this would be the NBA Playoffs, the Superbowl, WWE shows and pay-per-view, UFC events, Sharknado, the Olympic Games, Empire, and The Walking Dead during live broadcasts.

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