The NFL Could Decide On Digital Rights To Thursday Night Football Soon

The NFL Could Decide On Digital Rights To Thursday Night Football Soon

It was reported early last month that several tech companies were interested in picking up the broadcasting rights to NFL’s Thursday Night Football. The program showcases games that aren’t exactly marquee matchups like Monday Night Football or Sunday Night Football. While CBS and NBC hold the TV broadcast rights to the games, tech companies are courting the NFL for the digital rights of games in the same slot.

By picking up Thursday Night Football for its platform several companies would get 18 matchups from the regular season. The most concrete big name bets to pick up the games are Amazon, Facebook, and Verizon. These three have expressed interest in actually paying to get the games and all have or are working on platforms to air Thursday Night Football.

The far picks are Apple and Yahoo. While Apple has a platform to air games on, it doesn’t seem interested in putting money down on the package of games. Meanwhile Yahoo is a mess, to put things bluntly. That said, Yahoo did submit paperwork showing interest in picking up the games and worked with NFL in the past.

It’s expected that a decision should be reached during the NFL’s March 20th meeting.

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