Nintendo Switch’s Online Service Will Run Below $30

Nintendo Switch's Online Service Will Run Below $30

Early last month Nintendo showcased the details of the Nintendo Switch such as how the Joy-Cons work, the technology used in them, and things around battery life and storage. What Nintendo didn’t go into great deal on was the paid online service for the Switch.

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Details included when the service would launch—later this year—and that users would need to pay for it. Nintendo president Tatsumi Kimishima revealed to The Nikkei that the paid service would cost run between $17 and $26. This puts it below the $60 price tag of PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live God.

It’s unknown what all the Nintendo Switch will offer as far as online, but what is known—besides the price—is that voice chat will use a smartphone app that will have to be available on iOS and Android at release, that there will be online multiplayer, and subscribers will get a free classic game each month.

The free classic game is interesting. The method of offering the free game wasn’t elaborated on, so it’s unknown if Nintendo will simply give subscribers the game or offer a selection. What is known is that it should be popular titles given subscribers are only getting one a month.

The Nintendo Switch hits shelves on March 3rd and will be available for $299.

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