Opinion: Nintendo To Start Affiliate Program For YouTube Let’s Play Creators

Nintendo To Start Affiliate Program For YouTube Let's Play Creators

To quell concerns from YouTube’s Let’s Play community and content creators, Nintendo will be launching an affiliate program. According to Nintendo of Japan’s official Twitter, the plan is to split revenue with YouTube content creators.

The other aim is to build a mutual working relationship between content creators and the company. This would mean not removing videos or taking the all of the revenue from it if their IPs are the focus or are included.

Issues arose in the spring of 2013 when Nintendo was reported to have taken ad revenue from video creators who featured Nintendo IPs via content ID claims. Following the backlash and several video creators vowing to step away from doing Nintendo-oriented videos, the company stated that they didn’t intend to have content pulled and that they were monetizing certain videos.

Having some kind of official affiliate plan comes off as a great idea. It keeps the video creators and their followers happy and allows for them to continue making videos and Nintendo gets some of the revenue from their content being used. One of the things Nintendo is known for outside of expert game design is a  shrewd business approach. It’s not so much that Nintendo wants to work in tandem with creators as they don’t need any more bad press on anything.

Nintendo also gets free advertising for their titles and when Nintendo has been heavy on advertising for the 3DS and sluggish as far as the Wii U is concerned this is a good thing.

While every viewer isn’t guaranteed to go out and get a Wii U and the related game and the ones viewing are most likely to know the Wii U isn’t an attachment to the Wii, it never hurts to bolster your presence online. That’s especially true with video creators who can draw in tens and hundreds of thousands of viewers and even those who can get a couple thousand. The important thing to see is the specifics of the affiliate program and exactly what both parties get out of the working relationship.

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