Nintendo Will Sell Digital Titles Through Amazon

Nintendo Will Also Sell Digital Titles Through Amazon

It looks as though Nintendo and Amazon have further patched up things to the point of working together after their 2013 beef. Nintendo has begun selling digital games on Amazon today with the current roster of titles standing at 61 on their digital storefront.

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Games are included for both the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U. To be more specific, we’re talking a mixture of first party, third party, recently released, and classics that you could only get legally through the Virtual Console or through retro trade for the original console.

Amazon Nintendo

It’s definitely an alternative to Nintendo’s eShop which has a gateway PIN before you can purchase titles. Some players—yours truly included—have had to change the PIN a few times after they’d forgotten it. Through Amazon you simply buy the digital code and redeem it before download.

It’s unknown if regular specials like EA and Atlus sales will be a part of Amazon—no reason they shouldn’t—but it is expected there will be more games added to the roster of titles.

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