Nokia Squashes Rumors of A Return To Phone Market

Nokia Squashes Rumors of A Return To Phone Market

Things tend to be pretty quiet in regards to Nokia since its presence in the phone market has long diminished. Now the company has had to come out and tell everyone that it isn’t reentering the market.

Microsoft and Nokia To Complete Multi-Billion Dollar Acquisition on April 25

Nokia notes recent news reports claiming the company communicated an intention to manufacture consumer handsets out of a R&D facility in China,” the statement reads. “These reports are false, and include comments incorrectly attributed to a Nokia Networks executive.”

Nokia’s phone wing was sold off to Microsoft exactly a year ago after losing the bulk of the phone market share it held for a long time to iPhone and Android. With the phone wing gone, Nokia went into a framework agreement with China Mobile for almost $1 billion. The acquisition of telecom equipment manufacturer Alcatel-Lucent earlier this month resulted in the rumor mill being cranked up.

The Apple Watch Won’t Be Available For Purchase Until June

Even with the deal being signed and the apparent purpose of the company pointing to new handsets being manufactured, Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s phone wing keeps the company from making new handsets until late 2016. After that, it seems Nokia will be hands off as far as making phones, but could possibly slap its brand on quality handsets.

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