Number of Saudis Travelling to Turkey Increased by 100%

Muhaidib Al-Muhaidib General Manager of  Al-Sarh Travel and Tourism and Member of Investment Committee Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Riyadh, revealed that the number of Saudis traveling to Turkey increased by 100% during the past two years, indicating that the number of travelers to Turkey was not more than 30 thousand tourists per year until 2009.

Muhaidib believes this summer will mark an increase in the number of Saudis traveling to Turkey. He attributed this to several reasons including that Turkey is one of the tourist areas has a lot of attractions. It has a good natural, historical, and cultural potential and is located Asia and Europe.

Al-Sarh Travel and Tourism Co. Ltd, is a limited liability company established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1978 and has 16 active branches. The company handles travel and tourism services including reservation and ticketing, booking of hotel rooms and furnished apartments, arrangement of tourism programs and relevant services.

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