Obama Says He is Serious About The Military Option Against Iran

President Barack Obama confirms the possibility of  military action now against Iran if efforts fail to curb its nuclear activities , but he also warned of Israeli pre-emptive strike on Iran in a letter addressed to the Prime Minister of Israel ahead of talks between them in the White House .

“As President of the United States I am not am bluffing.” Obama warned Iran in a magazine interview published on Friday, three days before the host to Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington and said .

With the expected dominance of sharp differences over Washington’s fears of a possible Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear sites to meet Obama’s remarks seemed intended to provide some assurances that Netanyahu’s request to take a year against Iran .

During his visit to Canada on Friday, Netanyahu sought to avoid the expansion of the rift with Obama, but stressed the right to keep the “freedom of movement of Israel in the face of threats calls for its destruction on the map.”

Monday meeting is the most important meeting between the American and Israeli leaders over the years . Tensions have risen in 2012, which is witnessing the U.S. presidential election and Obama is keen rivals in the Republican Party to portray him as a very strict with Israel’s main ally of the United States and often lenient with Iran . The situation is further complicated by lack of trust between Obama and Netanyahu .

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