One Killed And 5 Injured in Bomb Maker’s Household in Nangarhar Province

One Afghan woman was killed, and five others were wounded – three women, a child and a man – after a bomb accidently exploded in a house in Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar province on Thursday, local officials said.

The incident took place at 11:30 am at a house in the Pate Kot district of Nangarhar, while one of the occupants was attempting to make a roadside bomb, district governor Haji Zalmay said. He said that police are investigating the incident. The wounded were taken into a nearby hospital in the province, he added.

Insurgents frequently make roadside bombs as a way of targeting Afghan and NATO troops, but the victims are often Afghan civilians.

It comes as ten insurgents were killed in a Afghan security forces operation in the district, Zalmay said.

The operation was launched in the district to clear an area of insurgents. One other insurgent was wounded during the clash with Afghan security forces, he said.

There were no Afghan and or civilian casualties in the operation, and the troops seized many weapons as a result, he added.

Pate Kot district considered insecure in the province with insurgents frequently targeting local provincial and security officials.

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