Opinion: Crytek Announces New CryENGINE

Opinion: Crytek Announces New CryENGINE

At the Gamescom conference in Germany, Crytek—the studio behind the Crysis shooting game series and CryENGINE—have announced that they have launched a new CryENGINE. The game engine is typically considered one of the most powerful and is in the company of the Unreal Engine family, Havok, and Frostbite family of game engines.

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It seems as though Crytek are making this version of the CryENGINE more accessible. Unlike the Unreal Engine 4, CryENGINE 3 never really got much use by developers despite being an incredible engine.

The most interesting thing here is the statement on Crytek’s own description for the demo.

“CRYENGINE is the first PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC all-in-one game development solution with scalable computation and graphics technologies.”

This would make the engine the first to be accessible for all next generation consoles. What also makes this interesting is given EA’s past mention that the Frostbite 3 would not run on Wii U while Unreal Engine 3 and CryENGINE 3 are more powerful engines and can operate on the Wii U with some or no scaling. This newer CryENGINE—which hasn’t been numbered—is ready to work with the Wii U requirements out of the gate.

It was been mentioned that Crytek has wanted to work with Nintendo in the past, but that they were too difficult to work with. It was even said that at the time, Crysis 3 looked and ran great on the Wii U.

Perhaps now Nintendo are being less difficult to work with. It’s always been odd to hear that one company is easier to work with than another and then come off as easier to work with when it comes to independent developers. Microsoft—which managed to get Crysis 3—has a history of being difficult to work with when it comes to indies, but Nintendo and Sony got praise. In the past however, Nintendo was very difficult to work with if a studio didn’t have a proper office and studio or didn’t want their studio or titles to be Nintendo exclusive.

It’s pretty much what led to Nintendo putting out consoles that relied heavily on first party titles by the time Gamecube came out and why Microsoft and Sony’s consoles have been heavier on third party titles to the point of being heavily dependent.

With the newer CryENGINE being more accessible across the board it opens doors a little more third party support. When you have engines that can only be used (as is) on two consoles and PC, then one console will obviously be left out because there is likely to be some degree of effort to get said engine to work on that third console.

Simply put: if the effort is too much to both accommodating what that console can or can’t do, no one will bother with it unless that studio really wants to get a title on that third console.

In the end, it all really comes down to studios using the engine.

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    EA the Brat! We all knew that Frostbite 3 can absolutely run on the Wii U. Just that EA was just being a pain in the arse.

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