Ouya vs. ESA at E3 2013

Ouya vs. ESA at E3 2013

Photo Credit: IGN

Ouya decided that it wouldn’t be at the actual E3 event—as in having a booth and/or presentation like the big three console makers, but they did say they would be in the city during E3 week. The Android-driven console company set up camp in a parking lot not too far from the event instead of plunking down the dough to properly be at the event. This resulted in something of a feud with the Entertainment Software Association—the host of the Expo.

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Earlier this week IGN reported that officials gave out space in front of Ouya’s display and parked trucks there to block them out. Not to be trumped, Ouya rented space in front of the trucks and hung banners that led to their booth. Ouya later claimed that the ESA called the L.A police on them to get their display shutdown, but were left alone after permits were checked.

Julie Uhrman said that she attempted to talk with the ESA to smooth things over, but has been granted an audience. The Ouya console releases June 25 and is still available for pre-order.

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