Pakistan May Hold Talks With Taliban at Qatar

Premier of Pakistan will visit Qatar on Monday for talks on the campaign of the Gulf state to help the U.S. and the Afghan government to start peace talks with the Taliban.

Qatar aims to host a Taliban office planned to make it easier for the Afghan government and U.S. officials to make contact with the insurgents. Washington wants to negotiate an end to the fighting in Afghanistan before the vast majority of foreign troops to leave by the end of 2014 and U.S. officials have been urging Pakistan to support their efforts.

Yousuf Raza Gilani, Pakistan’s prime minister will travel to Doha to discuss the talks with the Taliban and other issues, Pakistani officials said Sunday.

Western officials have been encouraged by the decision of the hierarchy of security to allow representatives of the Taliban based in Pakistan to travel to Qatar. Intelligence agencies of Pakistan, which recognize the maintenance of contacts within the insurgency, have been nullified previous attempts by the Taliban commanders to get the Afghan government without approval.

“The visit is more or less on the negotiations. Pakistan wants to make sure we are not left out of the process of Afghanistan, which is to be held in Qatar,” said an official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan.

Gilani was due to be accompanied by Ms. Hina Rabbani Khar, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, who visited Kabul on Wednesday to try to repair a sharp deterioration in relations caused by the murder of Burhanuddin Rabbani, former Afghan President in September.

Rabbani had been the head of a High Council for Peace organized by the Afghan government to make contacts with the insurgents. Afghan officials blamed the ISI, the intelligence agency of Pakistan, for the murder, although the charges were more a reflection of deep-rooted suspicions rooted in the history of Pakistan to support Afghan insurgents hard evidence.

Ms Khar said Pakistan was ready to do everything asked Afghanistan to help the dialogue between the host government with the insurgents, but warned that the start of the negotiations as it was still “Miles Away”.

Hopes of talks have been complicated by fears that the Afghan government could be left out in the negotiations.

Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan’s president, recalled its ambassador to Qatar in December to register their interest in that his government was running outside the United States and the Taliban talks.

Afghan officials have floated the idea that Saudi Arabia – a rival of Qatar – can serve as a facilitator, raising the prospect of more diplomatic disputes.

Pakistan’s security, the forces supporting the emergence of the Islamist militia as a proxy force in Afghanistan in early 1990 and experts say it will provide a degree of strategic and logistical support for the movement. But the relationship of Pakistan with the Taliban has evolved since the 1990s, with the links between Taliban leaders and their coaches in ISI strained by mutual distrust.

A U.S. military report based on interviews of 4,000 detained Taliban and Al Qaeda that was leaked last week suggested that the ISI continues to play a significant role in the strategic direction of the Taliban – although the authors found no significant evidence of Pakistan providing funding or weapons.

Pakistan’s military, which dominates policy-making in Afghanistan, says he wants to see stability in its neighborhood, but remains far from certain that the army could mark the beginning of the Taliban in a deal, even if he believes the result fits your interests.

“Among the Taliban, not everyone is on board and there are deep divisions,” said a Pakistani intelligence official. “Many Taliban practically see the U.S. losing the war. Why would they want to negotiate when they are also in a position of increasing strength?”

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