Pandora Scores More Labels For Music Streaming Service

Pandora Scores More Labels For Premium Music Streaming Service

Last month it was mentioned that Pandora could be getting into the music streaming service arena and compete with Spotify, Tidal, SoundCloud, Apple Music, and the still rumored Amazon music service. Those rumors are closer to being fact as the company picks up licensing deals with Merlin, Sony, and Universal labels.

The only major holdout at the moment is Warner, but other than that Pandora’s $10 per month service looks really to roll. There isn’t a definite date or launch window for Pandora’s premium service, but at an investor call earlier today it was said that it would launch soon which could mean any time in the fall.

The company will continue to operate its Pandora One service—which drops ads and allows subscribers to skip songs on radio—but will add to it in hopes to keep it attractive to potential subscribers who don’t to commit to the industry standard $10 fee. Whenever the service launch, expect the free trial as a bid to reel you in.

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