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  1. S says:

    I think it could be a roumor from Pepsi to say it’s name and known it and bring it’s name up in the middle east. And Pepsi is successful in this.
    congratulation Pepsi!

  2. amin says:

    this Terrible Rumor . i think my People is very happy(oskooooooolan ina):))

  3. unknown says:

    nikta if iranians had the BEST IQ in the world,they wouldn’t believe these kinda funny rumors and jokes…people should blame themselves not the one who made this rumor…and you can’t even see iranian company logo on a projector,let alone to MOON!!!:P

  4. I says:

    No stereotyping, please.

  5. Ahmad says:

    it was about 10 years ago that a lie like this one
    was spread in europe and america and many people believed it :))
    it was about coca coola :))
    any way ; there is a b ig variety of people in iran some are fool some are smart
    like the other countries :|

  6. ali says:


  7. david says:

    I dont Know , you know? is it posible?

  8. muman613 says:

    PEPSI, according to a Mus lim conspiracy theory really stands for : Pay Every Penny, Save Israel

  9. muman613 says:

    Pay Every Penny, Save Israel!

  10. behzad says:

    کلا ایرانی ها توی ایجاد شایعه و دست انداختن دیگران نابغه هستند.شک نکنید
    پشت این شایعه یه نابغه ایرانی بوده
    generally Iranıan people are so genius in fields of bantering others and I am sure that a very hick person have made this rumor

  11. L says:

    In these time that Iranian have no disco no great concert that every one likes, no night life and there is nothing to call it real fun, making these jokes are one of the best things they can do.
    I appreciate it…

  12. hanie says:

    we just can’t believe that such kind of lairs like them do exist ….
    we are the people of kindness …..
    they made this lie by their self and they though that we are going to believe this that they don’t know any thing about it…
    we all know that it was just a big lie that THEY made it …….
    so if they don’t ….
    than we can be the first people who display at the moon …
    perhaps our flag….
    Iranian can do everything

  13. reza says:

    this rumor ,but pepsi is successful in this.

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