Peter MacKay : Canada is Ready For Military Action Against Iran

Peter Gordon MacKay , Minister of National Defence , says its country and forces are ready for military actions against Iran but they still prefer the diplomacy solutions .

“We like and follow diplomatic solutions but we are always ready for military options and we have plans .” MacKay said in an interview .

He also called Iran’s policy against Israel “hostile” and Iranian governments refuse investigators to review Iran’s nuclear facilities and programs . Because of these dangers , Canada’s army is ready for military strikes on Iran like other countries .

Regarding sanctions against Iran he said his country follows United Nations instructions but they strictly apply them .

Benjamin Netanyahu , Prime Minister of Israel , visited Ottawa earlier this month and talked about Iran’s nuclear threats and named it “The biggest issue in sea of problems in Middle East” . Stephen Harper , Prime Minister of Canada and leader of the Conservative Party , told him his country is aware about Iran’s issues but they follow diplomacy solutions rather than military options .


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