Over 20 Percent of American Adults Online Almost Constantly

Over 20 Percent of American Adults Online Almost Constantly

The Pew Research Center released a survey of mobile device usage today with the focus being on exactly how much time a user spends online.

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The survey points out that 73-percent of Americans go online daily with 21-percent being online almost constantly. The chunk of Americans at 42-percent go online several times a day, 13-percent go online several times a week or less, and 10-percent only get online once a day.

With the survey breaking things down into age demographics, 13-percent of adults don’t use the internet period and 6-percent of adults 65 and up go online constantly. Also in that age range, 24-percent go online several times a day. As expected, the 18-29 demographic are online almost constantly with 50-percent going on multiple times a day.

While some companies and agencies surely do their own research into internet usage, but the survey and previous surveys that have been done by Pew are useful for taking steps toward making ads for online consumption.

The survey hit demographics of age, education, income, and living area and that’s essential in deciding what kind of advertising to focus on and to saturate them. In this age where more entertainment is being made exclusively for online viewing, the survey can also be used in deciding which projects to wave through and which ones to be more careful with.

It should be noted that this is the first time the Pew Research Center has used “almost constantly” when the survey focused on internet use and adults—meaning there’s no year-to-year comparison.

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