Phishing Scams Dropped by 50% in Iran

Phishing Scams Dropped in Iran

Colonel Toraj Kazemi, the deputy head of the IT crimes task force, announced that the number of “Phishing Scams” has been dropped by more than 50% in Iran. There are millions of Internet users in Iran and this field has granted an exciting opportunity to scammers. The rate of online crime has been increased in the country significantly.

“During the recent years, more users have been adopted to using Internet Banking services offered by web based systems. Unfortunately there are some people trying to abuse this field and they have produced several phishing pages and spread them in Internet to mislead clients and steal their accounts’ information.” Colonel Toraj Kazemi said.

“Users are being redirected to phishing pages instead of original website and at this moment they lose their urgent information. Fortunately Iran’s Cyber police had a notable reaction and our officers have crashed four bands in this field. Currently the number of scams related to phishing pages has been decreased by 50% and we are working hard to reduce this number.” Colonel Toraj Kazemi added.

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