Plants Can “Talk” With Each Other

It’s been known for a long time that plants have the ability to interact with light, but Australian researchers have discovered something new about plants. They communicate with each other through chemicals and certain sounds as well.

According to Australian news agency, this new study was conducted by researchers from the University of Western Australia.  It shows plants can speak and communicate with each other, and this is not just science fiction. The researcher, Monica Galliano says: “Everyone knows plants interact with light, and we now know that they use chemicals volatilize to communicate with each other, as is the case when exposed to the risk of the approach of the herbivore, for example.”

The researchers found that not only chemicals but the roots of young plants can make noise in such cases, it sounds like clicking. They found that the roots which have been developed with water bend towards the sound source.

“In addition to the forms of reactions to different sensory knowledge, it is likely that sensitivity to sound and vibration play a role in the life of plants.” The researchers concluded.

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