Pokemon Go Won’t Use Your T-Mobile High Speed Data For A Year

Pokemon Go Won't Use Your T-Mobile High Speed Data For A Year

Pokémon Go is one of the hottest mobile games at the moment as it pulls record downloads and revenue and makes the headlines no other mobile game has made. It was only a matter of time before mobile carriers jumped onboard and offered something to get some of that Pokémon Go hype.

Enter T-Mobile. Known for working with specific apps to reel in subscribers and cater to existing subscribers, T-Mobile will add Pokémon Go to the apps that use no data starting July 19th. As a free data app, Pokémon Go won’t count towards high speed data until July 2017.

T-Mobile is adding extra goodies such as a free Frosty from Wendy’s and $15 in Lyft rides to ride around to gyms and pokestops—or anywhere else. While other carriers tend to view T-Mobile’s promotions and specials as gimmicks or fluff, don’t be surprised if a rival decides to offer something special as well or if that special is almost identical.

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