Prepare For The Samsung Experience

Samsung Experience

Samsung is planning on bring the mobile phone war to the door this summer by establishing mini-shops. They’ll set up camp at roughly 550 Best Buy and over 400 Best Buy Mobile locations to launch their brand spanking new fleet of Galaxy S4! Imagine if you will; the blue smartphone titan multiple stores. T-Mobile, Verizon, Apple, and Co. staring at a blue crush bearing down on them—things just got real, people. The Samsung Experience Shop is just beyond the horizon.

Unlike some industries where’s only enough room for two companies at the top, Samsung’s concrete arrival in the US in the way of setting up camp will cement its presence allowing the company to pedal their wares to consumers directly—which is always a plus. It’s pretty much the same strategy of Apple and T-Mobile and other companies in the mobile/smartphone game. The mini-stores really allow for the company to draw in potential customers or existing customers with no other distractions around and nothing in the immediate area to duel with for buyer dollars

Another plus for these shops is that the sales associates—part of the frontline of the mobile war—are able to actually promote the new smartphones or others in the various lineups in a way that text, tech demo videos, and promotional on a service provider’s website just can’t do. This includes being able to get both hands-on experience and demonstrations. Sure the customer knows the foundation of these devices—being able to make calls—works (or should), but it’s this element of “try before you buy” that really works in these mini-shops’ favor and moves more devices.

The store associates will be jacks and jills of all trades giving demos, selling, activation, and repairing devices. This will include both Samsung associates at the mini-shops and Best Buy associates at the Best Buy based stores, but don’t worry the Best Buy store associates will be trained on the devices, so they won’t just sale you thing and provide no actual assistance. Not only that, but customers will also be able to learn how to take care of their devices at The Samsung Experience Shops.

So let’s get to the meat here: the smartphones that will be available in the shops. The Galaxy line of smartphones will be available—with the Galaxy S4 leading the charge—cameras, PCs, tablets, and the smart TV. Expect The Samsung Experience Shop to join the US retail battle royal in June.

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