PlayStation 3 and Other Platforms Losing PlayStation Now Service

PlayStation 3 and Other Platforms Losing PlayStation Now Service

If you’re a PlayStation 3 owner and you’ve been enjoying Sony’s PlayStation Now streaming service, then you only have a couple of months to enjoy it on the platform before the company discontinues it. PlayStation Now will also be discontinued on smart TVs, Blu-ray players, the company’s handheld offering the PS Vita and PlayStation TV.

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The move is a means to allow the company to focus more on its current console PlayStation 4 and Windows PC, according to a blog post. The company looks to work on more features to “improve the user experience on these two devices” and  with less platforms to support it appears that it would allow Sony to do so.

If you’ve never experienced PlayStation Now, it allows users to stream PS3 games either via a $20 monthly subscription or depending on the specific game and amount of time. It was available to the public in early 2015 for PS4 then during that summer for PS3.

Subscribers on PS3 and other platforms losing the service will have until August 15th to enjoy it.

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