PlayStation 4 Gets 2-Factor Verification For PSN

PlayStation 4 Gets 2-Factor Verification For PSN


Looking to safeguard itself against future breaches, breach suits, and having to give out free stuff, Sony has included an additional layer of security for PlayStation Network accounts in two-factor verification.

The security measure is just like it sounds: it offers another layer of protection to account so that you’ll need something like secondary password, pin number, or so in addition to your primary credentials. In online security communities, two-factor verification is widely suggested for social networks and personal email accounts.

PlayStation 4 users can set it by going to settings, Network Account Management, Account Information, Security, and finally 2-Step Verification. It’s also possible to set it up online through the Security option under your account.

If you’re on PlayStation 3, PSP, and/or Vita you’ll have to go with generating a device setup password or coming up with something so random and complex you have to keep it stored somewhere.

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