Settlement From 2011 PSN Outage Sees Users Pick Up Games and More

Settlement From 2011 PSN Outage Sees Users Pick Up Games and More

For those of us who remember the PlayStation Network outage of 2011, Sony caught a great deal of flak. Fast forward to 2014 and Sony has gotten around to working towards making things right for select members via a settlement.

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In a nutshell, the outage was a massive hack that compromised the personal information of some 77 million users in the PlayStation Network.

Members of PS Plus, Sony Online Entertainment, and Qriocity prior to the May 15th outage are eligible for a few older games from the PS3/PSP era including a few first party titles. To be eligible for some of the games there is some criteria that needs to met and Sony needs to see if users took advantage of any post May 15th promotions.

Sony To Offer $19.99 PlayStation Now Subscription January 13

If picking up a couple of older games for an older console doesn’t seem appealing then you’re likely to turn your nose up at the alternative: themes! Free themes. This is one of those settlement situations when you’re told to just take the better of the two offers. The other offer—closed to current PS Plus members—is three months of PlayStation Plus for free.

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