Sony Announces Special Offers For PSN Members After Cyber Attack

Sony Announces Special Offers For PSN Members After Cyber Attack

With the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live both suffering from a highly effective Lizard Squad-initiated DdoS attack during the holidays, many gaming enthusiasts were left without the shopping and online playing experience many enjoy around this time. Sony is looking to repay customer patience and tend to the inconveinence caused.

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The plan is simple: extend PSN Plus accounts subscriptions and deliver with discounts for everyone. The specifics of the clean up job is that only members who were on Plus prior to the Christmas Chaos cyber attack will be eligible for five extra days. Luckily if a member’s subscription ends before the extention kicks off, they will get the five days anyway. All PSN Plus members will be notified via the PlayStation Blog when that happens.

For non-PSN Plus members, Sony is delivering discount codes for 10 percent off. The discount will be good for content on a single transaction.While Microsoft hasn’t made any mention of a similar approach to the aftermath of the cyber attack, it’s expected something could be announced soon.

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