Real Madrid Players Commenting on the Victory Over Levante

“It was a great game. We have a great mattress, but the championship is far from over. We have to fight and work hard, because the league is not finished yet . We are all very excited about the game . I’m delighted with my goal , but winning was what really mattered . ”

“Ten points are a considerable cushion . We are doing better and should remain calm . We are the Real Madrid and we will try in this league does not slip through your fingers. Is we do not slow down and keep this intensity up . I matters is that we lead and the league is in our hands. ”

“We have had many opportunities . This team has its own identity and has never lost and never will. We try to be the winner in every game to keep our lead intact.”

“Our forwards have too much quality, and that’s a luxury for us midfielders . Ronaldo scored a stunning hat-trick and is proving to help both in defense and attack .”

“We must keep up the good work to win every week . We have to recover to beat Racing on Saturday. We must win all our home games. Our primary and we are facing does not matter because this is far from over . ”

“It was very important to tie just before the break . We are happy, but we can improve aspects of our game . We must avoid conceding goals early. Lift is a very competitive team and will rival all of us have much in play until the end of the season . should not think about the points, but to win every game. ”

“Cristiano ensured the victory with three goals . Our three strikers are in top form . It is important that they feel welcome to connect and make the team work .”

“It’s important to be united in order to cope with determination our games try to do our best on the court and tonight was an important victory for us, I leave here very happy tonight as Ronaldo did not score goals every day … it is very gratifying to have him . ”

Cristiano Ronaldo
“We knew the match would be difficult and we had a good start . We have changed after the first goal . We are good and should stay that way until the end of the season, but there are still many games left .”

“Goals happen through the efforts of the entire team . We’re playing well and I’m having a good career I want to keep up .”

“I was very happy after scoring a goal and wanted to celebrate with the director and staff, as we are all doing a great job .”

Also Carlos Puyol commented on this victory and he said :” What we have to do is try to win every week and wait . We depend on them (Real Madrid) but the most important thing is to focus on us, trying to win .”

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