Reasons of Decreasing in Iran’s Pomegranate Exports

Reasons of Decreasing in Iran's Pomegranate Exports

Hossein Mohajeran, the head of fruit and vegetable sellers’ league in Iran, described the reasons caused decreasing in Iran’s pomegranate export. The total value of the Iran’s pomegranate export in the previous Persian year was $11 million which was decreased by 40% in compare to the same period of time in the last year.

“Four years ago most of our pomegranate trees in Saveh destroyed due to the cold weather. It takes between four to six years for pomegranate trees to start outputting fruits. So this reduction in Iran’s pomegranate export was expectable and normal.” Hossein Mohajeran said.

“The cold weather also hit Qom, Yazd, Meybod, Ardakan, Shiraz, Mashhad and Kashmar (the provinces produce pomegranates). So we will have shortage of production until the next year. This will cause the reduction on our exports too.” He added.

By producing 600,000 tons of pomegranates, Iran is placed the number one country in production of this product. Only 1.5 million tons of this fruit produced in world annually.

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