Recap: Into the Badlands – S1 E2 and S1 E3

Recap: Into the Badlands - S1 E2 and S1 E3

While the show does have an ongoing narrative to follow, recapping the weekly events of Into the Badlands is an exercise in paying attention during the lulls in action—the parts featuring actual story and dialogue. Fortunately the show is so fast paced and these lulls in action far and few between.

Recap: Into the Badlands – Premiere Episode “The Fort” (S1 E1)

Fist Like A Bullet

Episode two was pretty eventful. There was a good amount of action, but more background into the events that would unfold in the Badlands—main war among the Barons. The most interesting thing in all this background is finding out that the Barons each hold different crops or goods. Quinn—the most powerful of the Barons—has lands rich in opium. His nearest rival The Widow has control over oil.

Recap: Into the Badlands - S1 E2 and S1 E3

Upcoming episodes should point to what other Barons hold what and just what the extent of their power is. What is known is that it can’t be significant compared to Quinn given that The Widow is trying to get everyone to band together against him.

Like episode one, episode two opened and closed with a lot of action and some stylish fight scenes. The parts with M.K. were a little on the dry side but did serve to give a bit of a look into The Widow’s lands since he ended up there while fleeing Quinn’s territory. The parts with Ryder serve to provide that layer of intrigue in a show that would’ve been full throttle start to finish and its necessary.

Two Tigers Subdue Dragons

The previous episode closed with M.K. returning to the Fort and the Baron Quinn announcing that it was war with The Widow. This episode was more interesting throughout than episode two. The story continued with the siege of The Widow’s plantation and a great fight scene between The Widow and Quinn to open things.

Recap: Into the Badlands - S1 E2 and S1 E3

We also had Ryder recovering from injuries suffered from the Nomad ambush. Needless to say, the kid isn’t doing so well and results in Quinn’s second beau Jade calling on a Cog doctor and Sunny’s partner Veil. Issues arise as Veil doesn’t want to be involved with Quinn’s household and complicate things as Quinn is the sort who makes advances.

The other fight scene of note in the episode pops up when Sunny and M.K. set off to investigate Ryder’s lead that he was set up by a prostitute. Sunny runs into said prostitute who knows where The Widow has run off when she escaped the siege from Quinn.

Recap: Into the Badlands - S1 E2 and S1 E3

Sunny also meets with another top clipper working for another Baron as means to prevent full on war. This episode ends with Quinn meeting Veil to thank her for helping his son and requesting her help for a brain malady.

It was a good two weeks of episodes overall, Into the Badlands still needs to work out some stuff around the pacing of the show. It’s not slow paced or low energy by any means. A show running for roughly 40 minutes of an hour block feels like less than that when viewing Into the Badlands and that’s a good thing.

Both are definitely worth catching if you haven’t yet and are still up on AMC—as well as episode one—if you have a participating cable provider.

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