Remember All Those Old Photos You Have On MySpace? MySpace Does

Remember MySpace? MySpace Remembers You

MySpace has had a hard fall that it has never bounced back from following the rise of Facebook and Twitter. In bid to bring users back, MySpace is emailing former users their old pictures with a link to their old profile, stuck like an early-mid 2000s time capsule.

The promotion “The good, the rad, and the what were you thinking” attempts to play on whatever nostalgia users who have moved on might have for MySpace. It also lets users know that there are probably some pictures out there they would rather have unseen. As one can guess, this includes potentially cringe-worthy blog posts, messages, and group posts.

While the social aspect of MySpace has been rendered somewhat unnecessary, there is still a soft spot for the social networking service for music fans—which is interesting given sites such as Sound Cloud, Bandcamp, YouTube, and being better hotspots for discovering and rediscovering music. In that regard, it’s safe to say there’s a little flavor left in the already been chew gum that is MySpace.

While you are maybe half-heartedly considering checking out your MySpace for a blast from the past, you might want to swing by your old Bebo, Hi5, Friendster (now a browser gaming site), and other early 2000s social networks you might have used in the past. There could be some nostalgia that needs to be purged.

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