Reports of problems with Google’s Nexus 7 increase

Reports of problems with Google’s Nexus 7 increase

No doubt that Google scored a big win with its Nexus line of tablets, particularly with the Nexus 7. However, what seemed to be an awesome tablet, thanks to its price and performance its beginning to show troubling flaws and defects.

The bugs with the tablet, manufactured for Google by Asus are not universal, but are widespread. On the one hand, there are physical problems such as screens that become loose, low quality of components used for storage and RAM and a few cosmetic problems with the finishes.

However, software type bugs that cause rapid battery exhaustion are of greater concern, and lack of support from Android for optimization strategies for managing solid state drives (SSDs), particularly the TRIM command, which avoids delays during writing after the drive has been used for a while and has useless fragments form files previously deleted.

Along with these performance bugs, there is a recurring situation in which a Nexus 7 may fail or hang, requiring a hard reset to regain functionality. Early symptoms of this problem are usually delayed response from the touch screen and overall sluggishness in the response of the device. A across the internet on Android forums, the Google Nexus tablet has received all kinds of recommendations and preventive measures, ranging from trying to keep the memory as free as possible to avoid blockages, to perform full reinstallation periodically in a manner not unlike what is recommended with computers, particularly those that use the Windows operating system.

To add confusion to the situation, the reports are not universal. There are users who have maintained an excellent level of performance throughout the life of the product, without any physical or software degradation. We can only hope that the new version of the Nexus 7, will not be affected by the bugs hunting the original version of the tablet.

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