Review: To-Do List To-Do List is a task manager app coming to us from Normally we try not to review task managers because quite frankly a lot of them are pretty dry. You write down the task to be done, when it’s to be done, a note on the task or project and you’re done.

Review: To-Do List

This app is no different, really. allows you to do what you should be able to do with the calendar on your mobile device or on your modern OS. However, it’s very rare that the calendar is ever used.

That’s where task managers come in. They’re better structured calendars. When you see that, it’s a matter of finding a good task manager to get you through your work, chores, or recreation.

While roughly any task manager would’ve done for my purposes of scheduling and organizing,’s UI was what caught me. It was simplistic—as all task managers should be—with some pre-defined categories for work, grocery shopping, personal tasks, and “all” category. You can also add a few if you wish.

Review: To-Do List

Once that’s done, the actual task of adding stuff begins and it’s also fairly simple. You just press when it’s coming up “Today”, “Tomorrow”, “Upcoming”, or “Someday” and fill in details.

There will be a notification in the status bar that you can check out to see what’s next or what’s on for today and it will let you know with a notification icon when an actual scheduled event has arrived. If you don’t want this in the status bar, it can be changed in the app’s settings.


By productivity apps/task manager standards, To-Do List is a very effective app. It hovers between doing exactly what is expected of it and not offering anything new. That isn’t a knock on, it’s really hard to dazzle as a task manager when there’s a dozen other similar apps available that also fall in the same range.

Review: To-Do List

Very rarely will anyone say “X productive app is groundbreaking!” or “A game changer!” since outside of adding maps and navigational help—which Google Keep has done—there’s very little to set this and other task managers apart. Overall, if you want a no-frills, straightforward, and useful task manager that uses little space can fit the bill. If you’re looking for a task manager with more bells and whistles or more zazz, you might want to keep looking.  RATING: 3 out of 5

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