Review: Apoc12

Savage Road Games’ Apoc12 was one of the first games I downloaded on my first smartphone–an HTC One S. It is a survival RPG that uses Google Maps to create the game world you’re in. So if you’re in Seattle, Washington, the game would use the GPS information to set the stage.

Review: Apoc12

From there the game would place obstruction to your exploration. The random battles include mutated beasts and fights against rival humans. The combat system is simple itself since the game is a turn-based one.

Once inside some buildings you will come across in the wastelands of Seattle, you can raid the place for resources or loot to sell and go back to base. The resources you collect will prove helpful to a great degree when it comes to gear up your character with weapons, armor, and vehicles.

As an RPG, there are a number of stats that can be upgraded. You will also need to establish yourself with different factions and settlements in the world.

Review: Apoc12


Apoc12 starts off as a fun game then the energy–a number of points you have to use to move–comes into play. Once that happens, all of that fizzles out. You’ll believe you’ve wasted time adventuring and you did, but not in a “Wow I’m lost in this game!” way.

It appears the game was abandoned around 2013-2014 because there’s been no updates, sequels, or dialogue with players–who have also left. In that respect, it’s a shame this game ended how it did. There was potential here that no other game capitalized on.

So, if you want a Fallout-like experience give Apoc12 a try. I just wouldn’t leave it on my phone now and days. For a much better mobile RPG try Cyber Knights RPG and its “elite” version.


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