Review: Feedly

Review: Feedly

There are plenty of very functional RSS feed reader apps on the market. Feedly is one of those apps that delivers the news in a clean, easy to navigate fashion and makes it easy to get right in and either find news sources you follow or new ones.

Review: Feedly

Feedly made the jump from browser add on-based service to mobile app within the last year and it’s that jump that really got the service out to the masses. Since then Feedly has been made into a cloud-based service for browsers, making it just as accessible as its mobile app cousins.

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Anyway, this is about the iOS and Android versions. Let’s dive into what makes this an app worth getting!


The interface is possibly the most important feature for any app. Without an effective, easy to navigate interface the app just isn’t going to be usable. With Feedly, the interface is laid out in such a way that you can search for blogs and news site, read articles, and look through your news sources with ease.

When searching for news sources, you have your standard search bar off to the side. You can search by topic, news source’s title, or specific subject. I suggest knowing the site/source or using the topic. As a matter of fact, Feedly provides a starter kit by topic. Each starter kit has popular sites to add.

Review: Feedly

As you go through selecting sites to add to your feed, you will be able to organize them in folders under whatever name you choose to name them.

Review: Feedly

By default your main viewing area will just allow you to go through news items in the order of your sites. You can select the Feedly icon to open your folder selection/categories to select a specific new source to browse.

Review: Feedly

The four view options shown across the top.

If you’d like a different layout, you can select the “Options” icon (it appears as two sliders in article view) and select among four options: Title Only (which gives you the title of the article and the first line), List View (which does the same as Title Only, but with the feature picture), Card View (the featured picture and title), and Magazine View (a combination of List and Card views).

Review: Feedly

Title Only

Some other features include being able to visit the full browser-version of a site, tweet the article, changing the theme, and marking articles as worth reading.


Feedly’s mobile app is very stable. I’ve noticed no issues with the app crashing or lagging.  Since it’s pretty straight forward in what it does and it’s not a multitasking type of app, there’s little reason there should be issues with stability when it comes to its primary function.


Get this app. It has an easy to navigate interface, all of the top blogs and news features available. As a popular app, Feedly is updated regularly and has virtually no issues with lagging or crashing. On top of that, it’s for iOS and Android and it’s free to download. Feedly is worth the download without a doubt.

Feedly for Android
Feedly for iOS

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