Review: Flash Keyboard

DotC United’s Flash Keyboard isn’t much different from other keyboards on different app stores, but it offers users with bigger fingers larger keys to work with. If you tend to make errors because of small-ish keys, this keyboard could work for you. Flash Keyboard also has autocomplete which is pretty common among typing apps.

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As for other features of Flash Keyboard, you have your usual for keyboards: you can select what languages for the app’s dictionary, there’s a variety of skins to choose from, and like every keyboard you have access to emojis.

Review: Flash Keyboard

With the emoji thing, most keyboards give you a quick selection of commonly used emojis and you would probably need to download additional emoji packs or an emoji keyboard. With Flash Keyboard you get a very large selection off the bat. As a matter of fact, there’s too many emoji.

Also free and in abundance here are stickers which basically function the same way as emoji. If you’re into “sprucing up” your texts then Flash Keyboard’s got you covered. You are also able to turn your own pictures into stickers if you’d like.


There’s nothing particularly special about Flash Keyboard, but when you’re looking at keyboards it’s hard to really expect anything groundbreaking or unique. It does its core job of allowing you type or text perfectly, but regardless of the orientation of the mobile device, it takes up a good amount of the screen.

Review: Flash Keyboard

Flash Keyboard also suffers from a lack of languages available, but most keyboards do outside of say SwiftKey. There’s nothing wrong with a keyboard having too many emojis, but it doesn’t add much outside of personalization options for messages. Outside of those three, this is a good dependable keyboard. RATING: 4/5

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