Review: Google Duo

Google Duo (also on iOS) is a video calling app which does just that: video calls. Not text, not instant messaging, not email, etc. While that might not seem like much or it seems like a feature that could’ve been included in another app, Google has made a standalone feature app that works extremely well.

Review: Google Duo

When you have an app that does one particular thing, it should execute that one thing flawlessly. In the case of Google Duo you’re able to communicate between two devices via video.

If you get a call from someone you have a preview of who it is. Duo has an easy use interface with very few options or clutter on the screen. In testing it out, picture quality on Duo was very crisp, but like any form of video calling it’s really depending on your Wi-Fi connection. In Duo’s case there have been reviews with quality varying between very bad and unreliable to extremely good

I tested it out on a Wi-Fi connection that wasn’t so hot and while the quality wasn’t the best, it was decent enough for a brief call. I use it for a longer than brief call and wasn’t bothered with the quality, but obviously that won’t be true for everyone.

Review: Google Duo

The other selling point Google has for Duo is that it’s a cross platform app. Which is great, but in 2016 there’s no reason it shouldn’t be for Android and iOS unless there’s an intense app embargo ongoing.

VERDICT: I recommend Google Duo. It’s a straight forward app with one task that it does extremely well. Even better is that it keeps everything simple and not try to do more such as allow you hold either video calls or video conferences (more than one-on-one).

The main selling point is that Duo is very straight forward and easy to use which means any errors that should happen to pop up won’t be difficult for Google’s team to tackle in a speedy fashion. With a dependable connection, Duo is well worth using. RATING: 4.5/5

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