Review: Mood Messenger

Caléa doesn’t have many apps under its belt. As a matter of fact, it only has one but this app is so great at what it does that it would overshadow any other effort the developer attempts. I’m talking about the Mood Messenger.

Review: Mood Messenger

Since this is a messenger, the function is pretty straight-forward. You use it in place of your default SMS/MMS app or whatever replacement you’re using and simply text back and forth. The main difference with Mood Messenger is the degree of customization you’re given.

You’re able to choose the overall theme of the app which is pretty much run of the mill. You can do this with most SMS/MMS apps on the Play Store. Mood Messenger kicks it up a notch and allows you to choose each contact’s individual theme, the colors of the text bubbles, and their notification tone.

That means if you have a bunch of contacts you regularly chat with but you’re expecting a message from one and could hold off on the others, you’ll know which one is texting you from their notification sound. So say goodbye to the same tone for everyone and being disappointed when it’s a spam text instead of a friend or loved one.

The other features for Mood Messenger include being able to attach media to messages. You can do this with most messaging apps, but there’s a lot of options here: drawings, YouTube, photos, gifs, and so on. The number of themes runs the gamut of sci-fi, anime, nature, TV and film, music–there’s a lot of stuff here so everyone gets a distinct theme.

Review: Mood Messenger


Mood Messenger is my messenger of choice. It does the very bare minimum of what you require for SMS/MMS and adds some flash to it. I’m someone prefers for apps and devices to just work but what sold me was the ability to change everyone’s notification tones. Once I had that, exploring the app was extremely fun and it’s the one app that stays on my device.

If you’re looking for something new and with “Umph!” you’re going to really dig Calea’s Mood Messenger. It gets no better.


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