Review: Pocket Politics

Pocket Politics is one of many idle tap games available on the Play Store now. Designed by Kongregate, the game has a very simple premise and progression.

Review: Pocket Politics

The player will start out as a local politician and work their way up through the ranks by generating enough money to win a campaign for the next position. How is this achieved? Tapping nonstop.

That’s all to it. Once you reach the targeted dollar amount you advance. The difficulty is only determined by how dedicated you are to tapping on the screen and checking in. This is an easy game to forget about without notifications. It’s not something you’ll want to constantly check and manage at all. In addition to active tapping, you have passive or idle money generation that can be purchased. Not only that, but there are also buffs that increase the amount your taps generate.


I’ve got to say, I am not a fan of idle/tapping games at all. That said, I do like the game’s concept and always wished there was a politics or law simulator that I could really sink time into. Pocket Politics isn’t that game. You can pick it up for iOS or Android.


Rating: D-

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