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There are many music apps available on Android. At last count there were roughly 250 on the Google Play Store so there’s no shortage of players. Even after you drop the hundreds of music players that do one thing only, you still have a sizable number of apps that “do it all”.

The Shuffle Music Player is one of those music apps that don’t really stand out, but it delivers when you want an app with more to it but no bells and whistles.



From the start you’ll notice that Shuffle has a pretty straight forward layout seen in other music-based apps. You have your tabs at the top that organizes your music in categories of Genres, recently played tunes (Recent), Artists, Albums, and Songs. Everything is in alphabetical order as expected, so if you’re looking to get to a song quickly your best bet would be to go through Recent, Artists, or Albums.

Shuttle layout

Shuttle’s layout is similar to many other music player apps, but moves a lot more fluidly after the updates.

The display for your artists and albums once you select something to listen to are set up with an artist banner at the top and below that are three tabs for information on the band (Info), albums on the device, and all songs for that artist from the album on the device. It should be noted that some lesser known artists won’t have information on the band or the album selected.


Information is provided from Last.FM. If the artist doesn’t pop up with cover art or band art, it will once your device is connected to the internet. You can also put album art in the folder of your album prior to transfer. The lyrics for some albums can be obtained over air by way of MusiXmatch or embedded into the audio file’s edit settings.

Shuttle Info Page

Some artists will not have a bio blurb. This is dependent on their profile setup on Last.FM.

Speaking of playlists the means of building a playlist is very simple and there’s no shortage for how many you can add. The main problem with the playlist—and this is the only significant problem with Shuffle as a whole—is that the playlists’ lineups of songs will just disappear.

Shuttle Playlist layout

Believe it or not, this is actually the most organized I’ve been with playlists.

The steps taken in adding the songs just involve holding down on a song so that its highlighted and hitting the plus sign to add it to a playlist or make a new one. Afterwards you hit the check mark to the left and confirm everything. The same steps can be taken to delete albums and songs. However, for some strange reason after some time the playlists will be blank. Originally I believed it was from removing albums, but even for albums that have been on my device for months it does the same thing.

Shuttle Playlist

Adding songs to a playlist on Shuttle is no problem at all.

The free version of the app comes with only basic sound options and lacks some of the fine tuning that can be done via Equalizer as well as controls for things such as headsets. Shuttle+ also allows for users to handle more specific settings under Display, Themes, and so on. Also available on Shuttle+ are blacklisting and whitelisting specific songs, folder browsing, tag editing—a huge plus for me is coming from the free app.

Shuttle is a fast music app that only takes 6MB and has a great layout—much better than the original layout with the artist picture being a thumbnail as opposed to more of a banner. Also Shuttle+ has features that actually make it worth the purchase. The app is also available for Chromecast. The only blight is the playlist issue and it seems to affect some and not others.

The Verdict: Worth the install and worth the purchase.

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