Review: Smart Launcher 2

Smart Launcher 2 is a fast, light launcher for the Android OS. With a sleek interface and default bubble dial setup it allows for quick navigation and customizing of your favorite apps while keeping the home screen free of clutter.

Review: Smart Launcher 2

Home screen with bubble dial


Smart Launcher 2 showcases features that are somewhat similar to basic launchers. There’s the ability to change the wallpaper, theme, handle and edit widgets, gestures, plugins, and so on. The best feature of Smart Launcher is its simplicity and speed. It operates smoothly with no jerkiness or lag since it uses a very minimalist design. Design-heavy themes don’t even slow down navigation and opening of programs.

Review: Smart Launcher 2


The interface is one the visual selling points of Smart Launcher 2. It uses a bubble dial layout that can be edited as you’d like. The bubbles for first party apps like Twitter will feature a default icon, so you’ll need to use that for a third party app such as TweetLanes. This is the case for the default theme, for other themes there are likely to be even more icons to choose from such as the Neon theme which is chockful of icons.

Review: Smart Launcher 2

App drawer setup

By swiping right or hitting the lower left icon you can get your app drawer which puts your apps in categories. With the pro version you can customize your categories and you’ll get extra screens to add widgets to. These extra screens work the same as screens on your default or any other launcher. One thing I’ve noticed is that widgets tend to be default sized as opposed to allowing you to resize them like on Apex Launcher, but that shouldn’t be a huge concern.


Pick up this launcher. It’s one of the best—if not the best launcher—available for Android. It’s light, fast, simplistic, and customizable enough to keep it in that realm of speed and being light.




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