Review: Tales of Illyria: Fallen Knight

In searching for apps and games I haven’t played on the Google Play Store I came across Tales of Illyria by Little Killerz. A huge fan of RPGs, I was going to give this one a shot. As of this review, Tales of Illyria is a three part series and Fallen Knight is the first.

Review: Tales of Illyria: Fallen Knight

The game kicks off with your character—Lord Elric—being accused of murdering his family and must set out on a quest to clear his own name and bring the kingdom under just rule.


The simplest way to put the gameplay for Tales of Illyria is with what Little Killerz uses: Oregon Trail meets a fantasy RPG. For those unfamiliar with educational PC classic Oregon Trail, you basically guide a group of settlers from the east coast of the U.S to the northwest in 1848.

Review: Tales of Illyria: Fallen Knight

The travel mechanic is from point to point on a large overworld and the Oregon Trail portion kicks in as your character travels along a straight path towards the selected destination, but you have the freedom to pick where you will go.

Along the way you’ll be able to hunt or gather herbs, run into random situations and battles, and possibly get new members on your team. You’ll also need water, food, and furs to survive your travels—this is where Tales of Illyria draws from Oregon Trail.

Review: Tales of Illyria: Fallen Knight

From there, it’s largely standard RPG fare: turn-based battle, managing party members and equipment, learn and train skills, and allocate points to improve characters.


This isn’t a 3D game; everything is 2D with great fantasy/medieval artwork. Since the game is in 2D it runs rather smoothly even on some older devices. The sound is what you’d expect: music that fits the fantasy vibe of the game is present and there are some combat sounds. It’s basically what you would expect.

Review: Tales of Illyria: Fallen Knight


The is extremely fun, it’s fairly light and won’t eat up too much storage on your device, you’ll get a lot of time out of it, and it’s available for a dollar. The sound isn’t anything special and while I enjoyed the travel between places, it definitely won’t be for everyone as it will slow down the pace of game a bit.


This game is definitely worth scooping up. The pros really outweigh the cons of this title and it’s one of the better RPGs available on the Google Play Store where most are either your solid but run of the mill anime-inspired JRPGs or adequate at best dungeon crawlers. Current Tales of Illryia is available on Android for $0.99.

RATING: 4 out of 5

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