Review: Tubi TV

Tubi TV (iOS) is an alternative to Netflix, Hulu, and to a degree Crackle—although like Crackle, Tubi TV is free and ad-supported. If you have any experience with streaming TV and movie services then Tubi TV isn’t much different outside of some of the shows it features.

Review: Tubi TV

The service boasts that it has the largest library of titles and that might be true. Tubi TV certainly isn’t putting the whole library it has up for viewing, but there are some titles that Netflix doesn’t have that Hulu might have and vice versa. If you want an idea of what’s on the service without having to get the app I suggest checking out the site—where you can also view content.

Now the categories leave something to be desired, but once you see the shows and films available you know you’re looking at something very different from Netflix and Hulu and more robust than Crackle.

Review: Tubi TV

One thing Tubi TV suffers from is that it has no original series. Unless the ads manage to get Tubi TV enough that it can start investing in original series in the same way Crackle does, it’s likely you’ll have to settle for seeing a lot of shows that aren’t on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon or Crackle.

Another department the service suffers in is anime. There is at least one other service that has Revolutionary Girl: Utena, but very few have M.D. Geist (perhaps Hulu/Yahoo View) and the bulk of the selection is made of stuff that you can find on any service.

In short, you’d be better off with Yahoo View (if you want your old school fix) or Crunchy Roll (if you’re more into newer stuff). The service does have the undubbed Super Sentai series (known elsewhere as Power Rangers) and Ultraman.

Review: Tubi TV

Finally, Tubi TV could do with an app for PlayStation 3, PS4, and other consoles. If you’ve got an Android-powered mini-console or an Xbox One/Xbox 360 you should be fine.

Tubi TV doesn’t come off as a mover and shaker service at the moment, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be eventually. The app itself is functional and the content available ranges from obscure to well known, but very little is recent unless your idea of recent is “within a few years of now.”

Also like Crackle, I found a lot of stuff not available on Netflix or Hulu that I didn’t even know I’d want to check out or give another watch.

Selection of anime, lacking originals, and only being on mobile and Xbox aside it’s an app worth having to supplement Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, but I wouldn’t use it to replace those services. RATING: 3.5/5

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