Review: TweetCaster for Twitter

Review: TweetCaster for Twitter

While looking through a variety of Twitter apps available for iOS and Android some time ago, I stumbled upon what is probably the very best one. OneLouder’s TweetCaster for Twitter has a good amount of features that makes it a worthwhile app to keep on your smartphone or tablet.



Some of the features are ones that TweetCaster and other third party apps had before Twitter implemented them. There’s popular tweets, tweets directed to you, your own tweet history, tweets you favorited, themes and so on. You are also able to view and operate two or more accounts at once. This is a great feature for users who keep business/other projects and personal account separate.

One of my favorites that appeared before Twitter decided to roll it out is the “Zip It” feature. This feature works similar to Twitter’s “Mute” feature and allows for you to mute a user for a specific amount of time. It’s perfect for when you don’t want a film or TV show spoiled via live tweeting or you don’t want to deal with a friend’s endless football and basketball tweets.

Another top tier feature is scheduling a tweet for later. It reminds me of the scheduling post feature from Tumblr. Like most features on most apps, I’m certain this isn’t a feature unique to TweetCaster.


The hub for navigating TweetCaster beyond who you’re following.

The Plus version offers up a few more features, but mostly removes ads from the app which is expected.


TweetCaster has a good interface which allows for viewing tweets, managing lists and following topics. Everything is laid out in a very clean, uncluttered fashion. The layout allows for users to form lists with accounts they follow and follow specific trends easily. With that said, I’d say for effective full use of TweetCaster, vertical view is the way to go. Not only that, but a tablet or a smartphone with a large face or screen such as Samsung or LG brands allows you to make much better use of the app.


Interacting with others on Twitter via TweetCaster’s interface.

The interface isn’t the flashiest thing going and it can be changed slightly by using the “Light Bubbles” and “Dark Bubbles” theme. Other than that, the display selection settings allows for a bright, but somewhat limited selection of colors.


Having tested it on both iOS and Android, I’ll say the iOS version has less crashes. That isn’t an indication of Android being less reliable for TweetCaster, but it’s an issue that could just be down to the ROM used. Crashes and lag typically came when reading a large number of back tweets.


This is a great Twitter app! While you’re sure to get a lot of using the free version, the Pro version is well worth the purchase. It’s not a stretch to say that TweetCaster is a better Twitter app than Twitter’s official app.

TweetCaster for Twitter – iOS
TweetCaster for Twitter – Android

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