Review: YouTube Music

YouTube Red, YouTube Gaming, and now YouTube Music. It has been an eventful fall for Google and its YouTube brand. YouTube Music is the new music-specific app that basically takes all the music related content from YouTube Classic and collects it in one place for your listening and viewing enjoyment.

Review: YouTube Music

The app not only has music video or music-related videos, but a lot of content has specific categories such as up-and-coming artists and hot new music by familiar artists. There’s also a dedicated music player meaning you’re not listening to playlist collected by users who uploaded songs to quilt together a whole album or just the whole album in one big video.

Review: YouTube Music

Sound quality is crisp for the actually licensed music. As expected from content uploaded by users, the audio will vary greatly and yes, user uploaded copyrighted music is on the app if you’re wondering.

Overall YouTube Music is very much in line with a lot of music apps out there. Even the layout lends itself to working very well with music streaming while still being distinctly YouTube. It’s not cluttered at all and looks great on larger-screened devices.

Review: YouTube Music


YouTube Music is downloading even without YouTube Red—which is said to enhance the experience by being ad free. It is similar enough to Spotify in layout and operation that there’s no leap in learning how to navigate the app.

I could honestly do without the user uploaded copyright music stuff like lyrics videos, but for those who enjoy that you’ll get the music-YouTube experience in addition to an actual music streaming app experience all in one package.

RATING: 4.5 out of 5

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