Reza Taghipour: Iran Did Not Suffer from Flame Virus

Iran Did Not Suffer from Flame Virus

Reza Taghipour, the Head of Ministry of Information and Communications Technology of Iran, announced his country has not suffered from Flame computer virus.

“Flame virus couldn’t bother Iran in any way and there is not any notable damages reported. About the attacks operated by Flame virus, we have to say it was not organized by individual hackers. We are sure it was organized by the Western governments and with certain intentions.” Reza Taghipour said.

“We have talked about this subject in international communities and asked these centers to warn the governments which organized the mentioned cyber attacks. However we are trying hard to stop these attacks using local technologies. All of the organizations and ministries in Iran detected this virus and cleaned it from their systems and computers so we don’t feel any shortages in this field. Iran was the first country detected this computer virus. Then we prepared the necessary anti malware in order clean Flame.” Taghipour added.

Flame is an uncharacteristically large program for malware at 20 megabytes. It is written partly in the Lua scripting language with compiled C++ code linked in, and allows other attack modules to be loaded after initial infection. The malware uses five different encryption methods and a SQLite database to store structured information.

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